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Players for clan XLPG (Танковая триада) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Hub_So_Dna [XLPG]2,0872,55556.2%57.6%14,728
AL_fighter [XLPG]2,1242,76756.8%63.0%70,579
40__rpagycoB [XLPG]2,137054.4%0.0%48,416
anashenkov [XLPG]2,0872,68454.3%57.1%68,970
_____D_O_C____ [XLPG]1,9502,18054.8%57.1%52,254
_BARS_88_ [XLPG]1,9502,11153.9%55.2%37,129
frutis [XLPG]1,8531,61660.7%55.2%66,296
_P_R_O_X_O_R_ [XLPG]1,8662,27853.4%58.1%60,021
TEBE_XAHA_BEDb_TbI_PAK [XLPG]1,7122,19952.5%55.1%15,594
Tutot [XLPG]1,9311,78854.1%49.9%124,261
Rezident61 [XLPG]1,7442,63952.3%55.8%28,154
_E_r_o_x_a_ [XLPG]1,7372,31651.8%54.7%45,780
DEMID68St [XLPG]1,716052.8%0.0%58,934
Damikol [XLPG]1,700053.2%0.0%64,115
uspakoitel [XLPG]1,6761,46152.2%47.6%49,703
__EXS__ [XLPG]1,719052.6%0.0%50,098
ABS_BpeguHa [XLPG]1,553053.1%0.0%30,194
__A_I_S__ [XLPG]1,573051.1%0.0%71,680
2000Terminator2000 [XLPG]1,4851,83150.5%49.3%25,115
Kwakin [XLPG]1,256049.8%0.0%52,500
SHTRAX [XLPG]1,122049.8%0.0%59,816
artem0005 [XLPG]1,0871,49948.9%46.9%53,200
Weighted average1,7431,29853.3%33.7%52,160
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