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Players for clan VIP-7 (Very Important Persons - Очень Важные Персоны) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
TheSkrilex [VIP-7]2,496062.1%0.0%24,282
Chucky102 [VIP-7]2,347061.5%0.0%21,364
Krrik [VIP-7]2,166055.6%0.0%48,710
xp3 [VIP-7]2,3382,24656.5%54.7%56,750
yatwov [VIP-7]2,2092,76855.7%59.3%22,994
Alexs_1481 [VIP-7]2,222057.1%0.0%35,717
Counter_Ganj [VIP-7]2,1811,82455.3%48.5%21,878
unkerxxx [VIP-7]2,152054.7%0.0%56,813
ApelsinkA55 [VIP-7]2,0522,91753.3%59.9%25,059
metallica933 [VIP-7]2,0162,20154.4%53.8%110,733
Igorian68PIU [VIP-7]1,971053.9%0.0%62,437
KPOT_116 [VIP-7]1,8921,52455.4%50.7%19,332
IO_WOT [VIP-7]1,9332,01255.2%52.7%70,826
alexey90306 [VIP-7]1,926054.6%0.0%69,945
Xo4y__CT__aMePoB [VIP-7]1,852053.5%0.0%31,237
x002xx2 [VIP-7]1,879055.2%0.0%56,272
Razvedos_56 [VIP-7]1,713052.5%0.0%13,297
lepa_dnepr_ua [VIP-7]1,7141,95353.1%56.0%58,489
MANSURKIN [VIP-7]1,7371,48654.8%53.6%70,004
___Angel__iz_ada___ [VIP-7]1,704053.2%0.0%52,086
Mr_IRON__ALEX [VIP-7]1,671053.3%0.0%33,076
Dok_Dn [VIP-7]1,778051.5%0.0%63,509
_DEUS_VULT____ [VIP-7]1,567052.3%0.0%21,071
anamalia1 [VIP-7]1,568050.8%0.0%67,496
Slayd72 [VIP-7]1,5041,41350.7%49.2%48,709
Chanil [VIP-7]1,39195051.5%46.5%26,138
San_de_ro [VIP-7]1,372050.6%0.0%21,639
Ultima_Graf [VIP-7]1,4102,58250.0%57.6%55,782
Hermiona0432 [VIP-7]1,2941,26951.2%52.5%21,843
SPECLESNIK [VIP-7]1,1201,02749.0%46.8%82,477
Weighted average1,82394053.7%26.7%45,665
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