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Players for clan TRIAR (TRIAR PANZER DIVISION) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Simple_Purple [TRIAR]3,6502,69063.7%57.3%13,950
____3JIou [TRIAR]2,9904,10361.4%61.8%80,998
DOBRYJ_LJUDOED [TRIAR]2,6543,53961.2%69.6%52,333
Xtc911 [TRIAR]2,7123,47359.1%56.4%57,522
_EvilCake_ [TRIAR]2,496060.4%0.0%14,692
ultra_crab2005 [TRIAR]2,4882,66062.3%58.3%13,561
_bart_Vader [TRIAR]2,281056.9%0.0%18,508
CLECARYGA [TRIAR]2,204057.0%0.0%17,287
_Black_10 [TRIAR]2,3122,16257.4%56.2%86,660
_medovik [TRIAR]2,2232,45454.5%57.3%104,320
rugpO_o [TRIAR]2,2732,29155.9%57.6%54,372
Wlnner_By_life [TRIAR]1,995053.8%0.0%17,703
HappyPeppy [TRIAR]2,1433,36353.8%61.5%32,493
RazDva_X [TRIAR]1,998054.1%0.0%44,101
keks369 [TRIAR]2,046054.8%0.0%82,289
Cheboksary_21ru [TRIAR]2,008057.2%0.0%98,886
masyuoktankist [TRIAR]1,8862,39252.5%52.6%47,840
kardan_kordon [TRIAR]1,4792,38151.0%57.8%57,543
dimon201257 [TRIAR]1,4901,57850.9%48.8%63,381
oyrat_kalmyk [TRIAR]1,425051.6%0.0%46,244
______VENOM______ [TRIAR]1,386051.0%0.0%47,167
Homa1965 [TRIAR]1,1551,15549.6%47.5%71,553
vova130774 [TRIAR]92097247.5%47.6%154,105
got198 [TRIAR]8891,14047.6%49.8%32,161
Weighted average1,9151,59554.2%38.7%54,569
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