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Players for clan SV-E (Сибирские волки!!!) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
_Kpu3uc_B_cTpAHE_ [SV-E]2,235055.0%0.0%63,859
SmOk_38irk [SV-E]1,9812,35355.6%58.4%32,730
Kaznachey_38rus [SV-E]2,0192,60354.4%57.0%70,851
vaskas_ [SV-E]1,895054.0%0.0%41,828
Hy_Bcem_xaHa_eDy [SV-E]1,9972,86954.2%55.9%54,104
Black_Immortal_Elk [SV-E]1,861054.0%0.0%37,462
AHTOXA9989 [SV-E]1,846055.1%0.0%37,491
MuHyTA_TEPnEHuE [SV-E]1,779052.4%0.0%53,231
Juggernaut2408 [SV-E]1,706052.5%0.0%24,116
_Galg_ [SV-E]1,689053.8%0.0%31,705
_Joker_HP [SV-E]1,6412,21253.5%55.9%44,286
Vasyatich [SV-E]1,5311,53651.2%51.4%41,482
Egka38 [SV-E]1,5781,32252.6%46.6%21,587
OXOTHUK_HA_KAbAHOB [SV-E]1,5881,46853.0%49.4%46,062
a090900909 [SV-E]1,693052.2%0.0%232
_masimus_ [SV-E]1,4871,66250.1%46.2%79,158
PoMaSibiryak [SV-E]1,452051.7%0.0%57,131
K0T_75_RUS [SV-E]1,376051.0%0.0%34,857
__XyJIuraHka_ [SV-E]1,295051.1%0.0%11,875
Roma841 [SV-E]1,2741,13650.8%51.5%61,408
van_826 [SV-E]1,210050.8%0.0%35,780
DIMAH_138ru_ [SV-E]1,223051.1%0.0%34,732
Weighted average1,67995652.8%25.9%41,634
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