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Players for clan POETS (ПОЭТЫ : Поэзия это сила, а поэзия траками по грунту это победа!) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
KMS_po_MMS_ [POETS]2,6753,04757.0%56.3%18,776
dim_gero_2014 [POETS]2,3733,54957.5%65.2%33,413
Kudrun [POETS]2,123055.8%0.0%50,779
__PecnekT_PakaM__ [POETS]2,0061,17454.0%43.8%11,035
gionnaire [POETS]1,9742,19654.8%57.2%51,376
chp174 [POETS]1,9082,02853.8%54.1%42,205
TpuJIuToH [POETS]1,954053.6%0.0%51,620
EGO1ST_86reg [POETS]1,8541,13752.9%47.3%37,576
DFPall [POETS]1,9901,02754.2%50.2%47,663
BESHENNUI [POETS]1,9251,98153.6%50.0%36,123
kdenis050 [POETS]1,7872,15353.5%55.1%69,076
_BcTPeTuMc9l__B__aDy_ [POETS]1,770054.5%0.0%80,638
Salamon154ru [POETS]1,8522,06155.4%56.1%45,730
stark33 [POETS]1,7822,17953.1%51.0%57,563
alekseigordeev [POETS]1,8321,87553.0%52.7%66,180
_iF [POETS]1,6801,34956.5%48.7%45,655
vovan_71i [POETS]1,632051.4%0.0%71,878
demon_stone [POETS]1,776052.1%0.0%88,458
terracod_war [POETS]1,602051.7%0.0%22,480
PvP_wHuK [POETS]1,5951,77356.0%54.6%66,177
KPoJIuK_3uHreP [POETS]1,5651,63052.5%54.3%56,319
Serghant71 [POETS]1,603052.3%0.0%163,863
__korolll__ [POETS]1,539051.0%0.0%22,131
Jelezin [POETS]1,5191,94951.0%54.8%75,892
MegRomanian [POETS]1,422052.2%0.0%21,300
Ricco95 [POETS]1,3161,33650.8%52.5%18,231
RomaV23 [POETS]1,2551,57350.3%51.4%29,946
dzhony777 [POETS]1,2091,08050.0%50.3%45,490
djangertaut [POETS]1,049048.2%0.0%36,035
_npuxJlon_ [POETS]921047.4%0.0%37,180
Weighted average1,7081,05453.0%30.3%50,026
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