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Players for clan PARUS ("Patriots of Russia") on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
ynitazus [PARUS]2,986058.3%0.0%62,436
_DeD_Matvei_193_Ru [PARUS]2,5522,05558.3%57.8%58,816
PROMETEY232 [PARUS]2,462055.8%0.0%46,035
BLOXA_B_TPYCAX_ [PARUS]2,393057.9%0.0%32,497
Yurevsky [PARUS]2,4383,40958.0%62.9%65,511
Arp__ [PARUS]2,2603,10556.0%61.8%27,676
x600_93RUS [PARUS]2,274055.8%0.0%44,967
Demon_DEMON_VOVAn [PARUS]2,1692,54155.3%57.0%36,983
MrHunter [PARUS]2,148055.5%0.0%75,381
FakePro [PARUS]2,119056.6%0.0%31,180
_KOHb_V_KEDAX_ [PARUS]2,131056.7%0.0%35,969
TexNoJlor [PARUS]2,095053.9%0.0%61,781
Mahou_ni [PARUS]2,006053.4%0.0%14,522
__Bummer_ [PARUS]1,828053.9%0.0%18,051
UFOonTraks [PARUS]1,8721,56354.3%56.2%77,360
_AGGRESSION_9 [PARUS]1,886052.9%0.0%27,373
Mirrors1986 [PARUS]1,847053.1%0.0%41,146
aka_RUSHmaster [PARUS]1,815053.9%0.0%29,031
kamaz_947 [PARUS]1,8572,37352.4%59.2%46,743
CTPEMHbIY [PARUS]1,704053.1%0.0%23,120
cherdiv [PARUS]1,733052.3%0.0%45,073
KURZO_RU [PARUS]1,7252,15751.6%56.7%63,714
KPACHODAP_123_RUS [PARUS]1,6551,40051.6%49.8%91,787
ilich2424 [PARUS]1,578052.3%0.0%67,785
OreL_and_Rewka [PARUS]1,5432,40652.8%52.2%14,004
KA3AK_123RUS_ [PARUS]1,570051.2%0.0%83,464
_S_T_A_L_I_N_26 [PARUS]1,5302,23451.8%56.1%93,836
Lelouch121 [PARUS]1,5232,27551.9%55.6%37,848
Weighted average1,98099854.2%25.6%48,360
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