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Players for clan OL_G ({OLD_GUARD} Старая гвардия) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Maldos [OL_G]1,967053.5%0.0%44,425
kyty3ov [OL_G]1,6472,23553.0%55.6%15,382
Zigynkovkpot22 [OL_G]1,726052.7%0.0%31,388
laptak83rus [OL_G]1,701054.5%0.0%62,154
RENGEN03 [OL_G]1,667053.0%0.0%32,737
Serzh_196 [OL_G]1,599051.8%0.0%43,668
Anumesh [OL_G]1,521052.1%0.0%27,009
AndroidPAS [OL_G]1,448051.3%0.0%18,513
Sergey00004 [OL_G]1,438051.9%0.0%25,126
Andrey_Demkin [OL_G]1,366051.0%0.0%26,965
FREDI73 [OL_G]1,474051.4%0.0%55,446
shellfsw [OL_G]1,448051.8%0.0%33,728
9orel87 [OL_G]1,381051.7%0.0%31,721
DZHON [OL_G]1,393049.7%0.0%45,247
DonBoss [OL_G]1,373051.0%0.0%40,952
DemonMotor [OL_G]1,3482,06750.3%57.1%76,054
jeka9081 [OL_G]1,319050.6%0.0%47,088
Pablo6791 [OL_G]1,299048.8%0.0%52,402
ALTAYSKIY22 [OL_G]1,2961,49050.0%50.4%49,730
mali_spiritus [OL_G]1,208051.5%0.0%48,263
05serega [OL_G]1,290049.7%0.0%37,358
Anubis_142 [OL_G]1,274049.6%0.0%17,573
GdE_MoI_NoCkI [OL_G]1,257051.3%0.0%6,430
Serh83sm [OL_G]1,247049.5%0.0%37,116
sergofan_1978 [OL_G]1,139050.0%0.0%27,573
attone [OL_G]1,176049.8%0.0%30,010
_PanToR_ [OL_G]1,1151,02549.5%49.1%62,984
Ludchiy11 [OL_G]1,1301,29550.4%50.7%42,043
angel645 [OL_G]1,076048.3%0.0%78,653
_Ha_KoJleHu_OJleHu_27 [OL_G]996049.4%0.0%10,837
smolin22 [OL_G]988049.3%0.0%18,364
DRAKULA38RUS [OL_G]993047.9%0.0%35,945
IKIvan28 [OL_G]9401,04248.8%52.2%57,490
Tihonovich74 [OL_G]703046.1%0.0%21,130
Weighted average1,32734450.6%12.3%37,985
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