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Players for clan NOMAS (KochevniKi) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
neuerSpieler [NOMAS]3,822063.5%0.0%10,841
VencerOmorir [NOMAS]3,490063.3%0.0%46,088
_7yanin_ [NOMAS]3,362061.4%0.0%25,460
KotMulder [NOMAS]3,0143,19960.2%60.2%43,763
fIuegegeheimen [NOMAS]2,8144,58159.1%60.9%26,684
StrikerEurika [NOMAS]2,839057.2%0.0%42,217
y_u_r_a_560 [NOMAS]2,9833,41758.9%60.9%19,548
HuKuToc_24 [NOMAS]2,783062.6%0.0%33,713
DR_FaYs [NOMAS]2,9822,84958.8%56.6%56,895
KorobokDaIlas [NOMAS]2,800057.7%0.0%33,535
lRussianTsarl [NOMAS]2,565057.4%0.0%16,452
teraw [NOMAS]2,5323,94455.7%61.8%35,904
Sk1val [NOMAS]2,5172,36358.7%55.4%40,202
Nitr0Express [NOMAS]2,6823,19757.0%63.3%48,148
Stifffler_ykt [NOMAS]2,4812,90057.2%62.2%42,960
x_F_E_A_R_L_E_S_S_x [NOMAS]2,4503,20356.2%56.3%81,046
MOHTEPO6KA [NOMAS]2,4952,42955.4%59.2%65,389
WallStreetBets [NOMAS]2,4551,33357.2%53.0%75,178
Daysan87 [NOMAS]2,266059.1%0.0%25,744
champion_irk [NOMAS]2,218058.6%0.0%56,802
pApAi_38rus [NOMAS]2,3342,75557.1%57.4%49,629
stasrama [NOMAS]2,3182,21757.3%52.3%50,640
Jackut_ [NOMAS]2,142054.7%0.0%20,092
TanKO_FiLL [NOMAS]1,9471,75153.8%52.8%38,925
Weighted average2,6201,86857.9%39.4%41,077
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