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Players for clan MERC5 (No mercy - 3) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
JohnWolfMitrich [MERC5]2,5474,03456.9%57.4%21,701
__C_A_M_Y_p_A_u___ [MERC5]2,435059.5%0.0%4,755
WepJIoK_XoJIMc_ [MERC5]2,5022,78357.4%59.6%22,066
IvanWolf [MERC5]2,3363,18456.6%62.8%22,894
10_klichko [MERC5]2,391055.8%0.0%22,465
Chegga [MERC5]2,056054.3%0.0%25,401
Simbiooz [MERC5]1,996055.5%0.0%16,590
new_ViST [MERC5]2,056054.4%0.0%30,512
zhistin32 [MERC5]1,975055.0%0.0%46,992
_Gh0sT_RiDeR_95 [MERC5]1,8932,67952.8%53.1%28,811
denchikpazik [MERC5]1,989057.4%0.0%47,337
romzit [MERC5]1,9052,11051.5%53.7%29,969
graf04 [MERC5]1,9562,28953.4%55.9%105,468
JoWo0D [MERC5]1,891053.0%0.0%44,254
WHITE_Wolf_LT_ [MERC5]1,8122,70353.6%56.3%34,488
XoBitTRoN [MERC5]1,7311,84352.1%54.3%21,705
_991_95 [MERC5]1,6682,23353.0%55.7%34,519
Stran_ni_K [MERC5]1,6141,93151.9%50.4%70,405
_Romka_47rus [MERC5]1,600051.0%0.0%31,758
Camapa_777 [MERC5]1,243049.5%0.0%16,236
GNVSAN [MERC5]1,0951,26149.5%50.0%100,024
Weighted average1,8211,38253.3%34.2%37,064
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