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Players for clan MCREW (move duck`s crew) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
wotrol [MCREW]2,789058.9%0.0%6,615
Agressor_0_0_ [MCREW]2,0691,97654.5%50.4%40,914
David_is3_2017 [MCREW]2,087055.4%0.0%23,808
Pa3PyLLluTeJlb1996 [MCREW]1,989053.5%0.0%60,279
Parabellum9mm [MCREW]1,854052.4%0.0%25,309
srTarasov [MCREW]1,8932,52754.2%48.7%48,755
JI_I0_6_U_M_bI_U [MCREW]1,7772,86554.3%59.9%78,741
GADSKYGAD [MCREW]1,824054.0%0.0%83,851
_KaMa3NcT [MCREW]1,7082,65152.2%59.4%64,890
alllllllllllex [MCREW]1,6401,77951.1%55.2%42,010
S_O_S_57ru [MCREW]1,5901,65852.9%57.9%18,881
XXXTIRANXX [MCREW]1,6832,14851.9%52.7%58,549
ms67 [MCREW]1,610053.2%0.0%52,209
skoda080 [MCREW]1,6661,98551.2%48.6%80,444
Nikita290397 [MCREW]1,570050.6%0.0%31,820
G_y_D_i_n_i [MCREW]1,6101,78351.3%52.5%62,442
TOPGAGSTER [MCREW]1,451051.1%0.0%26,035
VOLKODAV_237 [MCREW]1,364050.1%0.0%28,411
CJIABA_HO_HE_TE6E [MCREW]1,320051.5%0.0%66,004
19BuLL_doc91 [MCREW]1,2661,67649.8%56.5%29,888
S_ZyuZin [MCREW]1,260049.9%0.0%38,181
NOZZDRI [MCREW]1,2931,96148.9%54.7%69,821
70_Mazila [MCREW]1,30389350.7%46.1%96,240
rakoed80 [MCREW]1,3211,67649.6%51.4%54,951
ggrudzsky [MCREW]1,197050.9%0.0%39,635
a_d_d_m_i_n [MCREW]1,0511,87648.4%53.5%26,160
PRAPOR__971 [MCREW]984047.9%0.0%83,856
Weighted average1,5511,13451.6%30.5%49,581
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