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Players for clan LAB-T (ЛАБОРАТОРИЯ ТАНКОВ) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
RAYN [LAB-T]2,470064.8%0.0%103,500
Sundeev2004 [LAB-T]2,341070.4%0.0%28,040
kovtun74 [LAB-T]2,328057.4%0.0%44,385
BABILON_ [LAB-T]2,332055.1%0.0%7,387
3arHaHHblu_3BEPb [LAB-T]2,317058.7%0.0%35,377
Smart_player [LAB-T]2,1941,82856.8%48.7%21,186
Georgymur [LAB-T]2,300057.6%0.0%28,142
__KoLbTyarA__ [LAB-T]2,214057.9%0.0%100,126
knipex [LAB-T]1,989056.4%0.0%26,288
Nirvano [LAB-T]1,860060.8%0.0%14,711
Kld_Lac0ste [LAB-T]1,989062.7%0.0%18,181
EVIL1000 [LAB-T]1,963056.6%0.0%23,799
stas1995 [LAB-T]1,968055.1%0.0%31,581
GiveMeAllAmmo [LAB-T]1,937055.5%0.0%32,653
aleksandr_vlasov_2010 [LAB-T]1,839060.3%0.0%50,042
_Jeko_ [LAB-T]1,766057.0%0.0%9,277
Shadow_Intel [LAB-T]1,8601,37757.1%50.4%36,208
KTO_TbI_ECTb [LAB-T]1,926058.0%0.0%39,748
diz145 [LAB-T]1,797056.9%0.0%63,667
KOBZONTANK [LAB-T]1,633060.3%0.0%24,897
IOHbIU [LAB-T]1,728051.7%0.0%28,854
valik197 [LAB-T]1,680053.2%0.0%60,045
sashokcredo [LAB-T]1,6701,94753.5%53.6%24,043
shilgis [LAB-T]1,587059.2%0.0%35,948
cmaros [LAB-T]1,771054.5%0.0%46,383
BALEHTIHA_1988 [LAB-T]1,392058.8%0.0%40,813
dontava13 [LAB-T]1,486052.0%0.0%38,600
3238 [LAB-T]1,501055.3%0.0%41,985
OlgaM68 [LAB-T]1,436052.7%0.0%60,018
DreadfulWiz [LAB-T]1,406058.3%0.0%50,175
_Olin_ [LAB-T]1,252051.6%0.0%54,123
milorem1 [LAB-T]1,120050.0%0.0%13,907
Weighted average1,85410757.2%3.3%38,365
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