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Players for clan IN_TY (lnfinity) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Kostolomko [IN_TY]3,163060.7%0.0%47,719
_HypLaH_ [IN_TY]2,917058.5%0.0%8,811
The_CJIuBa [IN_TY]2,5472,74758.3%60.4%20,913
xan66623 [IN_TY]2,677058.6%0.0%47,064
Marginnal [IN_TY]2,4723,16955.9%55.5%9,107
santeam_62rus [IN_TY]2,446055.9%0.0%75,454
nop_NO2_TpakTop [IN_TY]2,3332,27156.3%57.2%18,215
nicitosGTO [IN_TY]2,285058.2%0.0%48,342
Strelok1212132 [IN_TY]2,251057.7%0.0%56,197
eXtRemEPro100 [IN_TY]2,2862,26855.8%56.6%48,953
MorZeGun [IN_TY]2,2702,51154.8%58.1%60,257
Adsion [IN_TY]1,997055.5%0.0%19,211
KARATASY [IN_TY]2,017053.6%0.0%61,652
RUS_Def386 [IN_TY]1,930055.3%0.0%53,786
ProtArmor [IN_TY]2,013054.2%0.0%47,605
teufelverbot [IN_TY]1,934054.5%0.0%62,091
Bep6oBLLLEK [IN_TY]1,8821,92254.3%56.1%24,016
LT_Cortes [IN_TY]1,903053.8%0.0%39,230
___Ha4aJIbHuk__ [IN_TY]1,915053.4%0.0%59,697
MaJlb4uk_no_Bbl3oBy [IN_TY]1,8152,27153.5%54.9%34,026
_Dima_62_rus [IN_TY]1,5031,60451.8%53.4%33,996
R_i_f_a_t [IN_TY]1,446051.3%0.0%53,362
NET___SKilLa [IN_TY]1,4862,60350.1%57.5%68,084
Weighted average2,12291055.1%20.3%43,749
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