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Players for clan GO-R (Золотая Русь) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Prikol98 [GO-R]2,729061.1%0.0%96,086
__IVANOVITCH__ [GO-R]2,5412,65459.9%67.1%26,521
__Saitama___ [GO-R]2,338057.1%0.0%2,958
SAAB31 [GO-R]2,269054.9%0.0%57,594
_Grizzly_is_Fighter_ [GO-R]2,1752,59953.7%60.7%61,305
Givenchy [GO-R]2,112055.3%0.0%34,446
SectorD [GO-R]2,0391,93053.7%49.0%40,331
Mixaill26 [GO-R]1,962054.4%0.0%71,353
Cramer_ [GO-R]2,0071,74354.4%49.1%14,107
Belok022 [GO-R]1,9392,76854.3%57.1%46,415
Nik030 [GO-R]1,988054.6%0.0%66,802
Leshaft [GO-R]1,8861,61055.2%53.4%43,102
ANISYMOV [GO-R]1,910053.1%0.0%40,625
_Pikolad_v_Tapkah_ [GO-R]1,642052.8%0.0%17,265
IDEALNIY [GO-R]1,7051,32453.2%41.4%35,983
TBOI_MaTPaC [GO-R]1,7003,09552.5%59.5%28,672
de1taforce [GO-R]1,7402,26953.1%56.4%64,511
Keks_razrushitel [GO-R]1,6591,96951.7%50.3%28,143
WaldemaR_2012 [GO-R]1,544054.3%0.0%58,017
RM_Fess_ [GO-R]1,550051.7%0.0%44,584
desant_137 [GO-R]1,5552,18550.6%56.0%69,879
Vad_74 [GO-R]1,464051.1%0.0%94,064
Frostninzya [GO-R]1,389052.9%0.0%16,492
DEIMONHEL [GO-R]1,357050.7%0.0%31,540
Nevada88 [GO-R]1,186051.6%0.0%17,070
Advantage_1 [GO-R]1,1211,38648.9%50.8%16,291
BRIz10 [GO-R]1,134049.8%0.0%23,394
Pr3D [GO-R]1,027049.8%0.0%18,690
Weighted average1,85089553.8%22.4%41,651
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