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Players for clan FTI (Истребители железа) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Vasiliy2410 [FTI]1,4941,80752.6%57.5%26,171
Cannibal86 [FTI]1,493050.7%0.0%38,065
XXXtancheGGGG [FTI]1,447051.9%0.0%46,244
Allen_Croushen [FTI]1,356048.6%0.0%9,263
kuzia333 [FTI]1,2971,69950.4%53.9%24,317
liteon112 [FTI]1,1251,07049.6%48.6%38,555
metmeh [FTI]1,0671,26250.6%43.4%39,495
ivandimarena [FTI]1,0241,18448.5%47.5%55,797
SergProckop [FTI]1,020049.4%0.0%38,161
19sergant86 [FTI]1,0401,20547.4%47.7%94,064
Artem927_1 [FTI]1,009048.8%0.0%14,713
brodijaga [FTI]974047.8%0.0%19,092
aleksey_20012 [FTI]897048.3%0.0%13,614
Zzentere [FTI]90496147.1%41.7%28,071
soulfly1944 [FTI]832049.1%0.0%22,208
Apec________ [FTI]827049.4%0.0%8,546
PAK_512 [FTI]81742047.5%42.9%20,397
Denisgrom1 [FTI]795048.1%0.0%11,774
Kasparovec [FTI]799048.3%0.0%4,899
Vitek_clapton [FTI]72464047.4%45.7%21,684
zohan864 [FTI]670048.9%0.0%5,197
ZUBILO1182 [FTI]696047.3%0.0%9,838
andreiivanow [FTI]714047.5%0.0%25,878
ohotnik245 [FTI]57730248.2%42.2%28,086
_Brak666_ [FTI]548047.2%0.0%16,381
p_a_a_84_1 [FTI]510047.3%0.0%5,588
wtkm222 [FTI]480047.1%0.0%8,928
inok_2015 [FTI]456047.3%0.0%34,945
basmah_2 [FTI]50045.6%0.0%364
Weighted average99358748.8%25.0%24,494
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