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Players for clan FR-ND (FRIEND 2015) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Spilion [FR-ND]1,8141,79252.6%48.2%55,164
___A_H_I_L_L_E_S___ [FR-ND]1,3051,53150.7%53.5%41,072
TaisonII [FR-ND]1,3862,23250.6%56.4%58,950
Dushawww [FR-ND]1,229050.5%0.0%33,507
O_L_E_G_A_M_A_N [FR-ND]1,2391,12650.9%47.4%59,037
dzhuma92 [FR-ND]1,2721,12049.0%46.8%64,796
Pro100Denis1984 [FR-ND]1,269049.1%0.0%46,754
Baton1112 [FR-ND]1,211050.0%0.0%27,502
Evgeniy_71_RUS_2015 [FR-ND]1,158050.1%0.0%15,915
MACAPADJ [FR-ND]1,210050.1%0.0%34,633
SpiScor [FR-ND]1,164049.1%0.0%38,139
Vilisov21 [FR-ND]1,1021,43749.0%48.3%31,829
JIEXA_ABTOMAT [FR-ND]1,0591,04849.4%45.5%97,358
elar_s [FR-ND]1,038048.3%0.0%33,633
WERS22 [FR-ND]1,00360048.4%43.3%29,585
Baxchisarau [FR-ND]97698048.2%52.1%50,400
Abarigen29 [FR-ND]922048.1%0.0%22,892
djdj93 [FR-ND]9151,10447.3%48.0%55,219
sniper1209 [FR-ND]833047.5%0.0%52,902
agent922 [FR-ND]838046.6%0.0%25,087
pyatak_nik [FR-ND]808046.9%0.0%34,527
ssv161ssv [FR-ND]8061,14247.7%49.4%34,048
ruslboec1977 [FR-ND]71361547.8%51.3%40,330
Weighted average1,12178549.1%30.8%42,751
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