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Players for clan DEAW (Deadliest Warriors) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
KUTU3OFF [DEAW]3,7473,72463.1%61.1%8,482
rurik_metkiy [DEAW]2,7984,22557.8%70.8%23,609
Dwayne_SKALA_Johnson [DEAW]2,709060.4%0.0%11,811
ATOlVl [DEAW]2,585056.7%0.0%39,687
Chet_maChet [DEAW]2,5703,79657.4%58.8%46,095
gBa_TypucTa [DEAW]2,571059.2%0.0%70,909
KorbitFallas [DEAW]2,293055.3%0.0%34,987
ICoyotel [DEAW]2,338055.6%0.0%38,467
FLVPJACK [DEAW]2,271054.2%0.0%48,173
_TiRaN_007_ [DEAW]2,374058.3%0.0%22,205
Apkcug [DEAW]2,2302,50356.6%58.8%44,473
LLloKoLaDnblu_OreLLIek [DEAW]2,138054.6%0.0%80,185
Ricmondass [DEAW]2,0913,43654.0%55.3%22,893
Zag6307 [DEAW]2,110053.7%0.0%77,886
serkovsasha [DEAW]1,946052.0%0.0%17,130
Shreder99 [DEAW]1,974053.8%0.0%32,599
Zhmyshok [DEAW]1,9852,99153.6%65.1%43,604
Vargous [DEAW]1,824053.3%0.0%39,745
NooB_Ha_Tanke [DEAW]1,816053.6%0.0%15,169
Fox_Trod [DEAW]1,822054.0%0.0%35,874
NetMonster [DEAW]1,753053.1%0.0%48,645
pifti [DEAW]1,745051.8%0.0%47,346
kuper2003 [DEAW]1,7223,20852.1%57.7%47,233
DeadliestWarrior [DEAW]1,7591,88052.6%57.0%19,135
SUMMEROFHVZE [DEAW]1,479051.5%0.0%37,587
matros1272 [DEAW]1,489051.4%0.0%49,677
Berk_1034 [DEAW]1,446052.1%0.0%11,465
Ffihs_Antibiotik [DEAW]1,2512,32549.8%52.5%64,843
Weighted average2,04589454.3%17.4%38,568
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