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Players for clan CTLS (-=Cтелс-N=-) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
NAVI_NATION [CTLS]3,3823,55160.7%62.1%22,436
DIPPY_ded [CTLS]3,6373,25462.7%62.6%20,836
RumbIeFish [CTLS]2,933061.6%0.0%9,526
ARharovEC_57 [CTLS]3,0414,21960.7%63.2%40,077
_eIement__ [CTLS]2,6273,32861.3%58.4%95,296
Allowing44 [CTLS]2,4363,36054.7%58.5%28,766
nickgmc [CTLS]2,4342,39162.1%58.3%73,249
desant1988 [CTLS]2,133054.3%0.0%26,005
OtherSight [CTLS]2,184055.9%0.0%41,420
He_ncuxyu_ [CTLS]1,983054.1%0.0%46,183
ATAKA_PAK0M [CTLS]1,992055.7%0.0%53,001
X_ApucToKPaT_X [CTLS]1,9342,22054.1%56.4%10,289
WordRowing [CTLS]1,889054.3%0.0%30,202
_Zorin_ [CTLS]1,8142,06055.7%56.3%28,349
_Romulo_ [CTLS]1,784052.2%0.0%41,635
TheHolyestDevil [CTLS]1,573050.4%0.0%9,375
_MASTER__ [CTLS]1,5551,46952.6%50.0%32,000
3Jla9l_3auHbka [CTLS]1,3041,13551.2%51.1%30,602
Weighted average2,2691,67157.1%34.6%35,513
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