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Players for clan B_H_A (Black Hell's Angels) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Ql_Win [B_H_A]1,9282,45454.0%56.7%51,541
Landro1 [B_H_A]1,850055.0%0.0%42,984
SamTak0i_Ra4oK [B_H_A]1,644050.6%0.0%68,599
HORCH_78 [B_H_A]1,548052.0%0.0%17,135
hoten61 [B_H_A]1,441051.9%0.0%30,258
m19a98x [B_H_A]1,496052.2%0.0%49,332
strateg4109 [B_H_A]1,4822,01351.6%55.6%59,029
rydenok1980 [B_H_A]1,4901,68950.9%50.3%49,643
Gvovi [B_H_A]1,398050.6%0.0%20,538
CokaColla [B_H_A]1,4281,83351.0%49.5%62,626
1621625 [B_H_A]1,4171,93351.7%54.6%85,041
_Angel_OFF_ [B_H_A]1,3821,50351.1%52.4%72,465
Zabanen_88 [B_H_A]1,320050.2%0.0%11,933
VK540III [B_H_A]1,297049.4%0.0%44,390
xiedshot [B_H_A]1,275049.9%0.0%12,315
samuray4ik19789 [B_H_A]1,286049.9%0.0%65,742
Prorok1223 [B_H_A]1,2141,19250.6%52.1%77,002
gansis11 [B_H_A]1,180049.7%0.0%57,154
Zykor [B_H_A]1,039051.3%0.0%526
men_210 [B_H_A]1,11693749.9%48.6%43,444
serdjio72 [B_H_A]1,10998549.1%44.7%78,905
_leva_1987 [B_H_A]1,080048.8%0.0%42,756
sokolik23rus [B_H_A]1,088048.5%0.0%67,583
konkictodor [B_H_A]1,05696649.7%45.4%43,842
pacha_144 [B_H_A]1,036049.7%0.0%36,654
blood_3VERb [B_H_A]1,028048.8%0.0%23,086
Den4ik1993_52 [B_H_A]1,026049.7%0.0%9,371
viktorKVA1968 [B_H_A]1,03894148.3%48.1%91,616
Tarasp100 [B_H_A]1,009048.7%0.0%37,594
lev_kommander [B_H_A]932048.3%0.0%11,334
fafara7 [B_H_A]664047.3%0.0%50,863
denis_52_1993 [B_H_A]59961945.2%47.0%86,817
Weighted average1,24773950.0%26.9%46,941
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