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Players for clan APLE (APPLESEED) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
shurik6868 [APLE]1,5661,37953.8%47.6%64,853
Premerministrpislandii [APLE]1,345053.0%0.0%4,604
T_R_A_K_T_O_R_I_S_T_2017 [APLE]1,180050.8%0.0%3,687
Otto_Dralen [APLE]1,173050.5%0.0%12,047
dim_167 [APLE]1,033049.3%0.0%22,380
66kosoi66 [APLE]1,06289049.0%47.3%51,870
sirius20000 [APLE]1,044048.4%0.0%14,805
gta198 [APLE]1,012049.3%0.0%57,764
___K_L_I_M___ [APLE]895048.0%0.0%21,779
9__NIK__9 [APLE]8281,33547.7%53.2%12,826
injirebus [APLE]846049.1%0.0%27,715
EvGeNsdk [APLE]808047.3%0.0%19,818
KSAPO1982 [APLE]747049.0%0.0%40,802
adkosoi2 [APLE]75983546.5%45.3%27,033
Kor44an [APLE]736048.5%0.0%14,088
Galot [APLE]686048.3%0.0%2,196
Serjania1 [APLE]689048.0%0.0%29,853
SHUMAXER666 [APLE]685044.1%0.0%18,463
Tiberius_zt [APLE]563046.1%0.0%2,256
Wladimar_boec [APLE]548046.8%0.0%5,923
Beton__voin [APLE]551046.4%0.0%16,190
qazwsxc2143SA [APLE]482049.1%0.0%1,425
AFA_DOK [APLE]499047.3%0.0%8,038
ASB55 [APLE]410046.7%0.0%11,495
111222w [APLE]268045.4%0.0%4,811
Alehan2012 [APLE]275042.5%0.0%39,938
Weighted average89332748.5%13.9%20,640
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