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Players for clan 1OTG (1-я Оперативно-Тактическая Группа "Самара") on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
GReeNDeR63 [1OTG]1,442051.8%0.0%32,413
HUNTER_tlt [1OTG]1,289050.0%0.0%21,627
evgenii163ru [1OTG]1,2441,75748.8%53.6%14,231
Kirill3191 [1OTG]975051.4%0.0%1,848
serega63_87 [1OTG]1,023050.4%0.0%28,131
Anton2223Kent [1OTG]1,080049.2%0.0%34,429
glebovra [1OTG]1,10167949.2%46.3%50,971
lobach63russ [1OTG]867048.6%0.0%9,280
semkin1234 [1OTG]1,171049.7%0.0%25,132
FELIX_CAMAPA [1OTG]988050.3%0.0%28,724
apsil63 [1OTG]950047.2%0.0%24,404
Deenis163 [1OTG]651047.9%0.0%2,357
white21 [1OTG]780048.4%0.0%26,393
Amway_1292 [1OTG]625047.0%0.0%3,717
_T_O_R_63_ [1OTG]610045.8%0.0%10,665
perevoz4ik163 [1OTG]516045.8%0.0%40,580
skripcka_63 [1OTG]42565245.9%42.4%27,445
Weighted average96520348.7%11.2%22,491
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