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Players for clan 1--UA (1-й Український Непереможний) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
ivan_1000_13 [1--UA]2,0043,37053.3%58.2%52,351
_nu_pro100_wot_ [1--UA]2,057054.5%0.0%34,210
Limb3N [1--UA]1,755053.3%0.0%46,889
XM_Smi1e [1--UA]1,692053.1%0.0%29,631
enothera [1--UA]1,690054.7%0.0%45,587
xalk_231 [1--UA]1,574051.9%0.0%36,579
gunstergunster [1--UA]1,634051.3%0.0%69,284
vargichVV [1--UA]1,518051.4%0.0%37,113
BITAXA_83 [1--UA]1,538051.9%0.0%38,957
VaFaNaPoLi [1--UA]1,426050.8%0.0%33,628
Fox911 [1--UA]1,374051.2%0.0%38,738
CarlMarkes [1--UA]1,391050.5%0.0%41,648
Sanraise [1--UA]1,356049.5%0.0%64,249
CHARO_DEY79 [1--UA]1,382049.5%0.0%97,205
Demon33ua [1--UA]1,3231,33650.4%47.4%49,822
_T_90_ [1--UA]1,400050.9%0.0%30,141
ZinoviyPipka [1--UA]1,373049.2%0.0%46,923
Ukrainec69 [1--UA]1,2651,11349.9%46.2%79,546
Alexey80642 [1--UA]1,27492051.0%54.9%62,701
motokros44 [1--UA]1,222049.5%0.0%27,922
speac [1--UA]1,2321,30750.1%43.9%48,763
mva57 [1--UA]1,2221,17048.7%47.0%74,927
sasik1777 [1--UA]1,014048.6%0.0%56,762
Weighted average1,44247350.8%15.9%49,720
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