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Players for clan -KOG- (Knights Templar Order) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
SUPER_STAR_9 [-KOG-]2,1863,34454.9%61.4%18,853
vego71781 [-KOG-]2,166056.3%0.0%62,257
Jluciquell [-KOG-]2,049054.0%0.0%63,657
ERROR_2049 [-KOG-]2,0252,76454.6%54.9%21,045
pirsaut [-KOG-]1,972053.6%0.0%50,933
fantom199330 [-KOG-]1,8082,00353.2%54.0%65,614
ship073 [-KOG-]1,947054.7%0.0%52,552
Lord_Android [-KOG-]1,7952,12452.8%48.8%61,350
CapitanAmerikan [-KOG-]1,734054.5%0.0%36,156
74Prizrak [-KOG-]1,876052.8%0.0%70,779
ZiPapro [-KOG-]1,692053.3%0.0%27,546
Mr__MeXaHuK [-KOG-]1,662055.0%0.0%25,532
Xx_D_u_M_O_N_X_A_H_T_xX [-KOG-]1,636051.4%0.0%30,084
SP1RT063 [-KOG-]1,5831,50551.7%50.6%30,004
maestro_sdd1 [-KOG-]1,586051.9%0.0%45,879
turboshutnik [-KOG-]1,5741,97051.8%54.0%47,447
samec_87 [-KOG-]1,5972,15951.1%47.7%71,513
Alex_Bishop [-KOG-]1,519050.9%0.0%15,910
22Vitaliy95 [-KOG-]1,444051.1%0.0%57,028
ygosha1 [-KOG-]1,4121,74750.4%54.4%81,312
123vaka123 [-KOG-]1,4201,63051.8%56.4%78,535
RedGfox [-KOG-]1,406051.4%0.0%29,751
____Olka____ [-KOG-]1,3631,76651.0%46.3%38,456
22russia79 [-KOG-]1,4031,68649.6%54.4%82,604
Nightster [-KOG-]1,337052.6%0.0%47,274
_Oblivion_ [-KOG-]1,2571,56649.2%54.0%21,114
_KRA_TOS_ [-KOG-]1,0901,40848.0%47.4%60,004
Wolf_hound [-KOG-]1,0821,47650.0%53.4%41,660
Weighted average1,62697852.2%27.7%46,955
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