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Players for clan TAC (Tactical Armoured Corps) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
_TAC_Commander_ [TAC]3,110067.8%0.0%11,251
oneshotmanyki11 [TAC]2,662057.2%0.0%12,162
unholysupertramp [TAC]2,2642,13453.6%53.9%44,145
Poisoned_Leprechaun_ [TAC]2,319056.9%0.0%46,258
Captain_Vaguy [TAC]2,213056.5%0.0%32,107
_MilkY_ [TAC]2,034057.0%0.0%7,551
_Stevie_ [TAC]1,960053.1%0.0%28,702
llNi7Sll [TAC]2,006052.9%0.0%30,772
Cylon_Dave [TAC]1,716055.5%0.0%1,738
gimli_ov_ [TAC]1,681052.2%0.0%30,024
ChimPANGzee [TAC]1,642053.3%0.0%36,968
Rusty_Bullet [TAC]1,590053.1%0.0%35,038
1_5CR3W3D_Y0U [TAC]1,46896452.6%48.5%29,455
xXRawhideXx [TAC]1,45899851.4%44.5%44,617
TotalMayhem [TAC]1,4111,45549.9%48.2%51,602
GLASGOW_CELTIC [TAC]1,405052.0%0.0%37,523
Stretch_Winters [TAC]1,27887951.1%46.4%6,868
Erior101 [TAC]1,229051.4%0.0%23,761
blaser1975y [TAC]1,311048.8%0.0%21,774
MadMike333 [TAC]1,1391,41748.8%42.9%100,173
khaled_n [TAC]1,118049.3%0.0%12,767
Vildiur [TAC]1,1201,21850.0%49.4%10,555
bugbitt [TAC]1,073049.0%0.0%12,171
Chill_Bro [TAC]1,0681,22848.2%45.6%60,360
leibs7 [TAC]1,095048.6%0.0%43,543
BongoBond [TAC]99799749.3%45.9%106,242
irishCHEWBACCA [TAC]975048.8%0.0%65,274
kramdam79 [TAC]94482348.4%45.3%18,820
TankTilda [TAC]580049.9%0.0%5,456
Weighted average1,45261951.3%22.6%33,368
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