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Players for clan BV (Black Vengeance) on server EU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Honig [BV]2,139054.4%0.0%23,220
Shocktale [BV]2,0351,26955.3%53.3%42,100
NIrwana [BV]1,643049.3%0.0%11,032
horch [BV]1,584051.6%0.0%42,078
Morrok [BV]1,529054.8%0.0%9,191
oli80 [BV]1,229050.5%0.0%8,094
BumbelGT [BV]1,265050.7%0.0%11,325
Hans_Donner [BV]1,235049.5%0.0%7,286
mobphoenix [BV]1,140050.3%0.0%16,775
fincairn [BV]1,1031,40250.2%48.7%27,004
zombieMieze [BV]1,074049.4%0.0%11,019
Glyon [BV]1,142046.9%0.0%12,868
bannedtom [BV]1,003050.1%0.0%3,463
Mathias221 [BV]1,091049.4%0.0%11,394
Clemson [BV]1,066048.2%0.0%8,500
Thedaethman [BV]1,044049.9%0.0%22,709
C4Rh4rTt [BV]968048.1%0.0%3,921
madmaxv97 [BV]948048.7%0.0%5,805
_Please_Dont_Shoot_ [BV]964051.4%0.0%3,398
darkrod [BV]1,030044.9%0.0%13,360
Indiziert [BV]932046.2%0.0%7,886
Pzh305 [BV]880046.6%0.0%6,645
astrolage [BV]859047.1%0.0%3,754
phili1980 [BV]859049.0%0.0%8,173
Klette [BV]8801,31345.4%51.9%26,306
alphatango1 [BV]801048.0%0.0%6,317
Daiosgrepher [BV]776046.2%0.0%6,380
dark_plasmiu [BV]782044.1%0.0%4,616
ossy27 [BV]713045.3%0.0%13,400
Feilo [BV]723044.5%0.0%24,521
prelovec [BV]705046.2%0.0%13,174
TheMD [BV]677046.8%0.0%6,992
Wuerzi [BV]714045.6%0.0%4,458
SuperThanatos [BV]590044.7%0.0%4,827
Big_Barney [BV]370050.9%0.0%171
Impi2112 [BV]425046.5%0.0%2,158
Klapperklack [BV]406045.7%0.0%6,411
Mors01 [BV]301046.1%0.0%2,365
atze770 [BV]246045.6%0.0%11,252
Weighted average1,17227749.2%10.8%11,649
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