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 OverallMost recentLast ~1,000 battlesLast 2,927 battles
WN8 Rating 1,790Very good1,762-0.61,287-454.91,797+1,384.2
Performance Rating1,633Good1,676+0.81,405-117.11,637+680.4
Win Rate53.84%Good54.10%+0.01%48.53%-2.54%53.88%+6.47%
Average damage671880+4.4849+84.9675+561.7
Average experience447445-0.0484+18.1448+262.4
Maximum experience1,965
Average kills0.900.97+0.000.87-0.020.91+0.06
Battles survived29%23%-0.13%24%-2.53%29%-18.18%
Kills to deaths1.281.26-0.001.14-0.071.28-0.32
Average tier5.816.10+0.017.04+0.595.83+3.44
Avg. base capture1.060.16-0.020.80-0.131.07+0.38
Avg. base defense1.151.08-0.000.73-0.201.12-4.85
Vehicles spotted1.720.84-0.021.31-0.201.73+1.20
Recent resultsJan 10, 2018 9:25:23 AM - Jan 11, 2018 7:17:49 AM
Jan 11, 2018 7:17:49 AM - Jan 16, 2018 7:46:43 PM
Jan 16, 2018 7:46:43 PM - Jan 29, 2018 6:29:41 PM

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#TankTypeNationTierBattlesWin Rate
ELC AMXLTFR51,41358.53%
B-C 12 tLTFR831550.79%
B-C 25 t APMTFR920843.27%
M4A1 Rev.MTFR817247.67%
ARL V39TDFR611447.37%
AMX 13 75LTFR79045.56%
AMX 12tLTFR68552.94%
AMX 40LTFR48251.22%
AMX 105AMSPGFR58145.68%
ARL 44HTFR67349.32%
BDR G1BHTFR56350.79%
AMX 13 105 AMSPGFR45556.36%
AMX 38LTFR33865.79%
S-35 CATDFR53655.56%
Somua S-40TDFR43060.00%
Renault UE 57TDFR31250.00%
Hotchkiss H35LTFR21250.00%
AMX AC Mle.1946TDFR7580.00%
Churchill VIIHTGB620.00%

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