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 OverallMost recentLast ~1,000 battlesLast 1,686 battles
WN8 Rating 4,925Super Unicum6,381+16.45,523+729.95,371+3,177.2
Performance Rating2,154Super Unicum2,259+1.22,266+177.42,223+600.1
Win Rate62.22%Unicum76.19%+0.16%64.93%+3.42%63.70%+12.22%
Average damage1,0011,086+1.01,118+148.31,074+602.6
Average experience709791+0.9796+110.7747+314.5
Maximum experience2,640
Average kills1.211.43+0.001.29+0.111.25+0.32
Battles survived42%43%+0.01%45%+4.16%43%+15.17%
Kills to deaths2.072.50+0.002.35+0.312.20+0.86
Average tier5.065.00-0.005.29+0.305.18+1.03
Avg. base capture0.280.24-0.000.40+0.140.30+0.11
Avg. base defense1.512.48+0.011.58+0.091.66+1.28
Vehicles spotted3.434.14+0.013.84+0.513.66+1.92
Recent resultsJul 2, 2015 3:52:17 PM - Jul 6, 2015 2:18:44 AM
Jul 6, 2015 2:18:44 AM - Jul 11, 2015 9:37:07 PM
Jul 11, 2015 9:37:07 PM - Jul 12, 2015 11:58:17 AM

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#TankTypeNationTierBattlesWin Rate
ELC AMXLTFR51,59463.74%
AMX 13 75LTFR711057.27%
AMX 12tLTFR68762.07%
AMX 40LTFR45543.64%
AMX 38LTFR31540.00%
Hotchkiss H35LTFR22100.00%

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