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 OverallMost recentLast ~1,000 battlesLast 1,791 battles
WN8 Rating 6,600Super Unicum7,594+12.07,801+1,344.46,726+4,670.5
Performance Rating2,193Super Unicum2,429+1.42,374+212.42,214+684.1
Win Rate68.09%Super Unicum69.23%+0.01%69.69%+1.89%68.40%+13.32%
Average damage1,1551,363+1.51,366+249.01,175+843.9
Average experience1,0741,317+1.71,211+161.51,088+585.3
Maximum experience3,611
Average kills1.711.77+0.001.69-0.021.71-0.12
Battles survived58%69%+0.08%61%+3.96%58%+12.54%
Kills to deaths4.055.75+0.014.36+0.304.08+0.71
Average tier4.555.00+0.004.80+0.294.61+2.48
Avg. base capture1.160.46-0.000.66-0.591.13-1.39
Avg. base defense3.860.00-0.034.32+0.543.81-2.02
Vehicles spotted2.863.46+0.003.19+0.402.89+1.29
Recent resultsMar 6, 2017 1:21:48 AM - Mar 7, 2017 12:56:47 AM
Mar 7, 2017 12:56:47 AM - Mar 15, 2017 1:32:11 PM
Mar 15, 2017 1:32:11 PM - Mar 25, 2017 6:09:41 PM

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#TankTypeNationTierBattlesWin Rate
ELC AMXLTFR51,49968.51%
T56 GMCTDUS319966.83%
T1 CunninghamLTUS15455.56%
Hotchkiss H35LTFR23582.86%
FCM36 Pak40TDFR32560.00%
M2 Light TankLTUS2475.00%
Pz. II DLTDE21100.00%
Medium IMTGB110.00%

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