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 OverallMost recentLast ~1,000 battlesLast 1,295 battles
WN8 Rating 5,177Super Unicum5,240+1.25,457+622.75,384+1,097.3
Performance Rating1,627Good1,640+0.21,628+3.21,626-1.2
Win Rate76.18%Super Unicum75.00%-0.01%77.76%+2.09%77.22%+3.06%
Average damage409451+0.5420+14.2415+15.8
Average experience643596-0.5615-37.2609-101.7
Maximum experience2,868
Average kills3.583.50-0.003.71+0.173.67+0.26
Battles survived67%55%-0.14%70%+3.24%68%+3.35%
Kills to deaths10.897.78-0.0512.19+1.4611.55+1.72
Average tier1.061.00-0.001.00-0.081.00-0.17
Avg. base capture1.640.10-0.021.70+0.071.86+0.65
Avg. base defense3.020.00-0.042.96-0.083.13+0.33
Vehicles spotted3.463.95+0.014.18+0.964.09+1.85
Recent resultsJan 4, 2018 8:09:47 PM - Jan 12, 2018 3:11:59 PM
Jan 12, 2018 3:11:59 PM - Jan 22, 2018 12:03:02 PM
Jan 22, 2018 12:03:02 PM - Jan 27, 2018 6:05:38 AM

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Top tiersNone

#TankTypeNationTierBattlesWin Rate
T1 CunninghamLTUS11,63476.56%
MkVII TetrarchLTSU210070.00%

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