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Players for clan _TK_ (Танкисты Кальрадии) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Coreolanus [_TK_]2,119055.1%0.0%19,858
DRZ_Homt88 [_TK_]1,875053.4%0.0%17,330
s_Amur_i [_TK_]1,8671,27054.9%51.4%36,088
Wolf_Fierce [_TK_]1,823057.9%0.0%10,337
STR_Boroda [_TK_]1,759053.9%0.0%22,996
SE_Dimonikus [_TK_]1,724056.6%0.0%18,627
Hell_Comb [_TK_]1,754054.4%0.0%7,162
and108 [_TK_]1,616051.2%0.0%44,170
Karen177 [_TK_]1,508052.3%0.0%9,363
RurikRS [_TK_]1,431052.8%0.0%2,913
Vanok [_TK_]1,460052.6%0.0%7,183
Radio_aktiv [_TK_]1,508054.1%0.0%4,530
Red_Shuhard [_TK_]1,419052.7%0.0%40,310
LaikaBoss [_TK_]1,436053.0%0.0%10,243
masha_mamasha [_TK_]1,385052.1%0.0%7,028
TOROG73 [_TK_]1,325051.1%0.0%33,412
zadolbai_drz [_TK_]1,290051.3%0.0%14,542
3ABP [_TK_]1,265050.7%0.0%11,028
Strongrus [_TK_]1,181054.5%0.0%5,752
Vasyok_mamay [_TK_]1,212050.7%0.0%6,393
Lotr [_TK_]1,175050.0%0.0%10,223
DRZ_ded_Lexey [_TK_]1,081049.8%0.0%4,931
HeavyInfantry [_TK_]926051.5%0.0%5,328
ivn256 [_TK_]808048.5%0.0%3,010
Gradyslav [_TK_]671048.8%0.0%1,370
Rolliks32 [_TK_]552049.1%0.0%3,778
aion1221 [_TK_]585047.8%0.0%6,562
Canis_fortis [_TK_]368045.4%0.0%1,179
Weighted average1,52612552.7%5.1%13,058
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