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Players for clan W_APL (White_apples) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
__talian__ [W_APL]1,345050.5%0.0%20,406
Tapac1983 [W_APL]1,22984750.4%44.9%38,441
jirun1602 [W_APL]1,1721,45249.1%48.6%37,055
SaintSergei [W_APL]1,058048.6%0.0%18,039
AnDrE_NeT [W_APL]9351,27548.3%43.5%10,886
vasilii811 [W_APL]97292747.6%44.6%28,644
SGleb [W_APL]957047.7%0.0%21,435
srif555777 [W_APL]8781,24249.2%51.8%32,886
vihr69 [W_APL]831047.0%0.0%9,861
ilya_43rus_ [W_APL]776048.5%0.0%6,885
diapos [W_APL]7761,03048.8%51.3%32,444
Major_Egor [W_APL]721047.6%0.0%30,268
One_Doudle [W_APL]645045.4%0.0%13,174
kuza11_2016 [W_APL]605046.3%0.0%8,287
Yoodjik [W_APL]649046.3%0.0%9,927
MAL0Y91 [W_APL]599047.8%0.0%15,474
kirilltimyr [W_APL]577046.8%0.0%13,651
Geniok78 [W_APL]574046.1%0.0%24,545
andrew_rmo [W_APL]548045.8%0.0%8,488
Barpox123 [W_APL]52849346.0%43.7%22,040
alex287174 [W_APL]502047.5%0.0%12,816
nakwakto [W_APL]519047.1%0.0%8,008
max777_233 [W_APL]394046.3%0.0%8,157
Weighted average84949148.0%22.2%18,774
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