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Players for clan WDCAT (Wild Bobcats) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Steel_Wave [WDCAT]1,7471,52454.8%53.0%34,748
Zloy_Perdak [WDCAT]1,551052.2%0.0%34,512
CHISSEL116rus [WDCAT]1,349049.9%0.0%32,390
KOT_CEMEH_39 [WDCAT]1,020050.9%0.0%3,721
nepobedimij_2015 [WDCAT]1,007048.2%0.0%38,218
kengal31rus [WDCAT]82397646.2%45.5%22,498
geomaklex [WDCAT]729047.3%0.0%2,675
dodj0009 [WDCAT]707048.9%0.0%19,312
gol993354 [WDCAT]6291,00146.8%51.5%37,484
Balinskiy2016 [WDCAT]59894245.4%45.9%12,222
saunov [WDCAT]57326246.4%43.5%22,408
SerSem_Go2017 [WDCAT]55558946.6%44.8%5,353
Luceferon_1 [WDCAT]52257246.3%47.3%15,642
TIGR_280 [WDCAT]54668747.1%50.5%15,324
JOG_FZM [WDCAT]513045.8%0.0%3,555
SanterVoin [WDCAT]502047.4%0.0%12,264
zhihin [WDCAT]421044.7%0.0%1,780
forsa_24 [WDCAT]415047.2%0.0%10,726
gvv0407 [WDCAT]327045.4%0.0%13,662
kalaw5 [WDCAT]288044.6%0.0%10,847
_INTA [WDCAT]29045443.9%45.3%27,390
Nikita31052007 [WDCAT]242045.8%0.0%2,501
Harrrr05 [WDCAT]209044.7%0.0%602
ALNAMAR_1 [WDCAT]22949044.7%48.9%16,751
Molot2019 [WDCAT]181045.7%0.0%7,530
Zverenich2009 [WDCAT]141045.6%0.0%2,402
ega_969 [WDCAT]12321843.4%43.4%3,167
valik1998_12_1 [WDCAT]109042.8%0.0%685
petruxa7062434 [WDCAT]88043.0%0.0%11,574
yrka__pobeditel [WDCAT]69040.9%0.0%894
Weighted average79041147.8%24.3%14,094
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