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Players for clan VTZ_S (VITIAZI SLONIMA) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Skills_18 [VTZ_S]1,186049.3%0.0%282
SHAKER_B905TY [VTZ_S]1,122051.7%0.0%20,488
Pro_100_Love14101978 [VTZ_S]915048.2%0.0%12,710
casper2210 [VTZ_S]92094748.2%48.7%21,177
Shef980 [VTZ_S]79892746.2%42.8%24,340
snowbal67 [VTZ_S]71261646.9%39.8%3,799
nord_163 [VTZ_S]624046.0%0.0%12,066
urbanRex [VTZ_S]596047.5%0.0%4,481
rusya_TaSHKenT [VTZ_S]551049.7%0.0%3,753
vityusha_shutenko [VTZ_S]499048.8%0.0%974
KOSS102RUDY [VTZ_S]520046.8%0.0%4,081
Vedro_92 [VTZ_S]508046.7%0.0%6,019
6pamuwka70 [VTZ_S]521046.3%0.0%17,047
kot21111 [VTZ_S]441045.7%0.0%12,601
Nikk2175 [VTZ_S]374044.9%0.0%14,462
__DoM__ [VTZ_S]333046.1%0.0%9,134
Monah_5 [VTZ_S]340046.0%0.0%6,708
pastirtotal [VTZ_S]356043.1%0.0%8,198
vitalik12_36 [VTZ_S]332044.5%0.0%2,935
Polkan187 [VTZ_S]302046.0%0.0%5,604
Frimen_Gerar [VTZ_S]239046.0%0.0%2,199
MORPEX_24rus [VTZ_S]24530344.8%45.1%2,043
Ivan_fedossv [VTZ_S]184043.6%0.0%12,149
_SAFIT [VTZ_S]17818643.5%42.5%3,778
dranitsin83 [VTZ_S]12717743.0%39.0%4,598
dell_13 [VTZ_S]110045.4%0.0%3,647
Weighted average59421546.6%12.1%8,433
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