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Players for clan UA-TB (Украинский_танковый_батальон) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
prizrak77v_1 [UA-TB]1,873052.9%0.0%15,245
Sashko2047 [UA-TB]1,9011,47052.7%49.5%66,482
curiositty [UA-TB]1,839053.5%0.0%12,016
xXx__Strateg_xXx [UA-TB]1,741053.5%0.0%25,837
KOOZZZ [UA-TB]1,7961,35852.7%50.6%45,964
vitam1n_B6_1 [UA-TB]1,466051.1%0.0%33,052
I_e_N_o_T_I [UA-TB]1,440050.9%0.0%19,854
CAXAPOK_from_ua [UA-TB]1,438051.4%0.0%46,232
JEKSON_KOT [UA-TB]1,430065.1%0.0%63
gold_kristal [UA-TB]1,4321,31851.7%50.0%70,990
jnechs [UA-TB]1,353051.5%0.0%28,173
Vitallle [UA-TB]1,373050.9%0.0%34,466
denn1986 [UA-TB]1,366051.0%0.0%46,345
AndriyBas [UA-TB]1,319050.1%0.0%27,303
T1TAN [UA-TB]1,3461,21950.9%52.8%61,792
KozakDk [UA-TB]1,345050.7%0.0%23,243
GodzilaWoT_007 [UA-TB]1,297051.0%0.0%14,918
romansii [UA-TB]1,3341,08650.5%48.8%33,892
Behind_a_BUSH [UA-TB]1,2921,60851.2%55.6%18,169
Kombat_audi [UA-TB]1,1981,44452.6%55.8%22,072
ser_viper777 [UA-TB]1,230049.3%0.0%31,635
Razerus [UA-TB]1,269050.4%0.0%18,774
Typhoon3 [UA-TB]1,119050.2%0.0%24,262
Priboi7 [UA-TB]1,1261,23448.9%48.9%37,572
KDA_z_Surovo [UA-TB]1,133049.2%0.0%31,798
smail1 [UA-TB]1,070049.1%0.0%37,672
GEN26 [UA-TB]974048.6%0.0%64,497
mallard_metkij [UA-TB]778050.0%0.0%1,212
VKoZaK1984 [UA-TB]838047.7%0.0%40,040
__B_U_T_C_H_E_R__ [UA-TB]69886747.8%49.6%10,027
Weighted average1,35351150.8%19.8%31,453
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