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Players for clan TMNT- (Зелёные ниндзя !) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
BEKA2009_2017 [TMNT-]2,2632,84355.7%60.0%23,818
egor11122 [TMNT-]1,407051.9%0.0%18,431
bereg2406 [TMNT-]1,198050.2%0.0%29,826
P_E_R_S_E_Y_1612 [TMNT-]1,0751,26049.1%50.3%39,384
psihopad64 [TMNT-]1,11268648.9%47.8%28,017
Shiryaev09 [TMNT-]1,032049.0%0.0%21,901
lelikbo [TMNT-]9191,17748.0%48.9%22,872
GrafStayin [TMNT-]938047.3%0.0%15,103
KARERA [TMNT-]9101,09847.3%46.5%50,793
cem_124 [TMNT-]8281,28248.5%49.6%36,316
Kaska56 [TMNT-]748047.3%0.0%34,412
M_Petr [TMNT-]695047.3%0.0%15,088
granadckiy_aleksey [TMNT-]6811,10446.5%45.4%24,990
Mers077 [TMNT-]480049.6%0.0%5,526
BMV_28 [TMNT-]286045.1%0.0%7,702
SpecTruten [TMNT-]260044.4%0.0%12,025
Shwainshtaiger_1 [TMNT-]21329244.5%45.0%18,736
i_xudyakov [TMNT-]183043.8%0.0%10,538
pendalidze [TMNT-]15915544.8%38.6%14,321
Weighted average91370048.2%29.2%22,621
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