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Players for clan TITR (СВФУ НТИ) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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# Name Performance Rating (overall) Performance Rating (~30 day) Efficiency Rating (overall) Efficiency Rating (~30 day) WN8 Rating (overall) WN8 Rating (~30 day) Win Rate (overall) Win Rate (~30 day) Battles
aweshka 1,644 1,114 1,606 54.5% 4,789
A_m_a_d_a_N 1,522 1,101 1,451 51.4% 29,127
MacKilla 1,462 1,593 1,007 1,071 1,330 1,561 51.0% 55.4% 24,245
Weighted average: 1,507 1,593 1,063 1,071 1,413 1,561 51.5% 55.4% 19,387
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