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Players for clan TBSB (Танковая Бригада Смелых Бойцов) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
PerezzzzzZ48 [TBSB]1,7832,15453.1%49.3%51,776
jijelev_1 [TBSB]1,3661,99350.0%48.3%24,577
A228_233 [TBSB]1,296051.1%0.0%5,649
yevgen_antracit [TBSB]1,187051.1%0.0%46,684
alexa06 [TBSB]1,0641,40749.4%51.9%21,594
WSAD_4 [TBSB]935047.2%0.0%2,865
Rim4a [TBSB]945048.7%0.0%17,762
doktop_lifsi [TBSB]964048.8%0.0%38,089
_A_L_I____ [TBSB]935048.7%0.0%38,819
OohMyGod [TBSB]9091,06148.1%47.1%7,676
AleXMorphy [TBSB]82385749.2%52.3%19,838
Zen9602 [TBSB]827046.9%0.0%13,283
ivan9i [TBSB]853048.2%0.0%29,964
9870143265 [TBSB]77882647.5%50.6%31,425
kolya132 [TBSB]814047.3%0.0%41,314
SAW161 [TBSB]77695247.6%44.1%11,115
makcim48565 [TBSB]756047.0%0.0%11,853
Bary_Simpson [TBSB]721047.9%0.0%6,606
Yudginking [TBSB]7101,12846.8%49.0%28,256
___Penza_mstit [TBSB]742046.2%0.0%36,442
stalevarzb [TBSB]677045.8%0.0%14,006
ura22_2016 [TBSB]64975048.4%42.9%17,166
43765890 [TBSB]671047.5%0.0%9,183
Stalker_strelok77 [TBSB]610048.3%0.0%10,648
Romashka21022004 [TBSB]64480846.2%48.9%41,368
maxri [TBSB]60563945.7%47.1%50,023
Kapitan_orion [TBSB]57592846.8%48.2%16,948
To4HoVbaweHky [TBSB]574046.0%0.0%15,204
cooper0k [TBSB]57088747.2%49.3%8,686
Nauk [TBSB]54341546.9%42.7%27,157
stich_groznyj [TBSB]52253346.1%48.0%13,854
alexsegun [TBSB]524046.2%0.0%8,715
Qazaq_Argyn [TBSB]498043.8%0.0%7,770
Shustik7 [TBSB]452044.2%0.0%18,011
rytu1 [TBSB]421046.7%0.0%2,913
pRoSkilLsKz [TBSB]374044.9%0.0%9,416
Weighted average85753547.9%23.7%21,018
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