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Players for clan T200 (Legendary saints Devils 2) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Ace_Damage [T200]3,225066.2%0.0%1,753
ALEXT200 [T200]2,173055.6%0.0%36,861
angelt200 [T200]2,040054.3%0.0%47,960
JJJJJJZ [T200]1,821052.5%0.0%36,047
Comleft [T200]1,700052.8%0.0%19,295
kabanavt [T200]1,738051.5%0.0%41,621
BaDBoY9182 [T200]1,6862,25351.8%58.1%28,958
Polosatiy116 [T200]1,551052.4%0.0%17,057
NE_UPRAVLYAEMYI [T200]1,665053.3%0.0%21,458
bobrist [T200]1,4781,74650.2%50.6%74,722
Kommuniaka [T200]1,452053.3%0.0%22,474
henrydim [T200]1,480051.7%0.0%18,253
xzxWERWOLFxzx [T200]1,413051.7%0.0%51,283
_PaK_nA_DnE_ [T200]1,428054.5%0.0%9,360
Vitaxa4100 [T200]1,4551,55350.9%49.2%56,533
max123zzz [T200]1,2411,58449.9%48.9%21,643
D_HEROES [T200]1,303050.4%0.0%31,135
Valkyrie_e [T200]1,269049.3%0.0%20,976
MalthaelWG [T200]1,259050.9%0.0%3,443
PatrooN1 [T200]1,239049.5%0.0%17,657
stereo_max [T200]1,186052.0%0.0%12,735
bozen27 [T200]1,2071,35050.3%49.5%17,361
lBlackJackI [T200]1,080050.5%0.0%8,784
palitrol [T200]1,171049.3%0.0%82,666
_LuckY777_ [T200]1,102050.0%0.0%13,425
Silence_kr [T200]1,042049.9%0.0%19,848
Weighted average1,50246551.5%13.9%27,160
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