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Players for clan S_SR (СССР+) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
4y6aTbIu_3MEu [S_SR]2,252058.3%0.0%5,585
Venom_VIP [S_SR]2,0291,57555.3%49.8%56,640
S_P_A_R_T_A_K_1980 [S_SR]1,569051.2%0.0%42,860
Nosferatu105 [S_SR]1,6071,75251.7%50.2%34,088
Vladik205 [S_SR]1,415052.8%0.0%22,516
tolbach [S_SR]1,4341,99650.4%56.2%46,756
yurkin73 [S_SR]1,3871,42649.8%47.0%46,899
shevlyakov [S_SR]1,395050.6%0.0%37,672
gnamara1 [S_SR]1,3781,52350.2%50.5%37,331
mak63 [S_SR]1,3051,05351.0%47.7%53,183
RevivingDemon [S_SR]1,325051.0%0.0%28,963
Vargull [S_SR]1,319051.0%0.0%21,092
Petruha51 [S_SR]1,313050.8%0.0%38,646
leha251 [S_SR]1,220050.7%0.0%41,386
dzeop [S_SR]1,199049.6%0.0%43,149
maxsvel79 [S_SR]1,213049.5%0.0%50,631
Blood_Rider [S_SR]1,219049.5%0.0%24,166
KPEO3OT [S_SR]1,171049.7%0.0%33,804
GIGABAIT154 [S_SR]1,1641,48150.4%51.9%26,002
Dobryak77 [S_SR]1,171050.0%0.0%41,217
Litan70 [S_SR]1,1231,11749.0%49.9%48,092
_TROXA_40 [S_SR]1,087049.0%0.0%32,107
EmZaR_1969 [S_SR]1,0381,12850.6%52.3%13,439
svetlana_842 [S_SR]943048.4%0.0%8,136
bohhan [S_SR]1,017048.5%0.0%28,512
waspi6666 [S_SR]974049.6%0.0%24,532
serg879131 [S_SR]947048.4%0.0%39,139
toyota_001_64ru [S_SR]89185148.5%45.0%28,495
MAMBA_40RUS [S_SR]820048.4%0.0%20,739
_KUBANEC_23RUS [S_SR]843047.3%0.0%40,813
bayikal [S_SR]81381047.4%50.9%28,341
Maxx_159_18 [S_SR]73683746.2%45.0%15,317
a58g [S_SR]718047.5%0.0%38,739
djdemon1 [S_SR]674047.4%0.0%31,264
Weighted average1,21752150.0%19.2%33,242
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