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Players for clan SW_SD (Sleeping winning sweeter defeated. Победившие спят слаще побеждённых) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
_DEAD_STORM_ [SW_SD]2,2132,34656.7%54.1%89,038
x_LLIakaJI_x [SW_SD]2,0701,83752.8%51.4%79,916
Ega_xXx [SW_SD]1,9301,77555.5%49.7%57,800
johnpatron84 [SW_SD]1,8381,68453.4%48.6%75,803
KDIDG [SW_SD]1,7592,07652.6%56.1%75,444
Djeims_Bond_003 [SW_SD]1,7171,55553.3%56.0%86,826
Megadeth26 [SW_SD]1,6952,50452.3%53.3%70,407
Mihaluch5 [SW_SD]1,6481,85050.3%47.0%92,890
robotron67 [SW_SD]1,6201,82951.1%53.9%104,338
Win_the_Victory [SW_SD]1,590052.6%0.0%95,065
Djekii_Chan [SW_SD]1,7111,22952.2%52.5%118,339
sheff211 [SW_SD]1,577050.8%0.0%99,035
serega_old [SW_SD]1,3651,25750.2%50.6%79,520
IMRT72 [SW_SD]1,320050.3%0.0%80,641
BoiH_CBiTLA [SW_SD]1,3031,69250.0%53.1%76,552
ubivecvragov [SW_SD]1,2601,19049.4%49.5%80,743
BOBA_S [SW_SD]1,2331,15750.1%49.0%144,892
ivanzloy [SW_SD]1,19091949.9%49.1%89,883
aleksandr_bat [SW_SD]1,1891,44349.1%46.5%119,862
tanko678 [SW_SD]1,17687249.8%47.0%116,426
JEKWARSTAR [SW_SD]1,1521,07449.5%50.7%98,509
Kolkheli [SW_SD]1,0871,47148.3%53.1%86,700
Craft_crown [SW_SD]9061,09947.4%48.2%79,416
KLIM_1968_62rus [SW_SD]93495348.0%43.1%76,057
zharrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr [SW_SD]79180347.2%47.5%144,792
vasko101 [SW_SD]76792847.0%46.0%86,875
Che_GuevaraVA [SW_SD]74881348.0%47.0%90,888
Weighted average1,3731,23250.5%44.5%92,468
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