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Players for clan STB26 (Ставропольская Танковая Бригада) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Aeolus [STB26]1,347052.1%0.0%10,265
tankist130699 [STB26]1,168049.6%0.0%28,496
zagrebinboris [STB26]1,1181,05949.0%47.9%41,137
SHAR_62 [STB26]1,155048.3%0.0%44,544
Roman_Forge [STB26]1,10496149.2%43.7%82,628
kyvalda2626 [STB26]1,0571,14648.4%52.6%21,335
said2605 [STB26]1,04969847.5%46.4%48,781
4aubambino [STB26]98397748.6%45.1%12,268
kosik123 [STB26]1,002047.7%0.0%28,792
tyapsinka [STB26]873049.0%0.0%55,499
minotavr75 [STB26]91799048.5%49.9%28,611
andryha6666 [STB26]885047.5%0.0%21,526
asmotroll [STB26]789048.6%0.0%7,277
kills111 [STB26]831046.0%0.0%23,363
_EgOrKa_B_TaNkE_ [STB26]749050.1%0.0%6,208
Genadu4 [STB26]77386248.1%47.3%26,589
26_speed_26 [STB26]788046.4%0.0%16,119
vitalikh05v09a1980 [STB26]523046.8%0.0%10,641
vadik007_kek [STB26]398048.5%0.0%861
ZlukaKaluka [STB26]1839044.4%44.7%1,948
Weighted average99347448.4%23.8%25,844
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