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Players for clan SPUNT (KURGANSHPUNT) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
eto_kurgan_detka [SPUNT]2,541055.9%0.0%49,345
Aleks_2535_1 [SPUNT]2,217053.9%0.0%16,355
demyan1988 [SPUNT]1,919053.3%0.0%49,513
bagration___ [SPUNT]1,647053.5%0.0%38,782
dimon_zdes_detka97 [SPUNT]1,6042,39451.9%57.3%38,745
Valsenck [SPUNT]1,586051.6%0.0%39,332
makcuwell [SPUNT]1,495052.2%0.0%28,236
klim8968 [SPUNT]1,454050.9%0.0%32,547
981wek612 [SPUNT]1,392050.7%0.0%21,474
kurmuk1983 [SPUNT]1,369050.8%0.0%30,466
duku1 [SPUNT]1,352050.8%0.0%43,444
zaharr_45 [SPUNT]1,286051.4%0.0%15,323
igorsyhev [SPUNT]1,242049.9%0.0%51,956
DAVI_KZ [SPUNT]1,223048.6%0.0%29,678
alievt [SPUNT]1,2331,69650.4%56.5%28,927
Makson__98 [SPUNT]1,160050.3%0.0%23,621
giperr [SPUNT]1,21778650.4%45.5%117,283
krovdim [SPUNT]1,1271,26750.3%47.8%48,417
adibas111 [SPUNT]1,121049.2%0.0%26,696
TigRa3617 [SPUNT]1,103049.8%0.0%14,476
shaimardanov_ruslan [SPUNT]1,066049.9%0.0%16,312
miaso_2015 [SPUNT]1,040049.5%0.0%19,731
val_596 [SPUNT]964047.5%0.0%61,503
masel0906 [SPUNT]951047.7%0.0%25,389
45DeniS45ru [SPUNT]948048.7%0.0%50,871
stvad [SPUNT]91987147.6%44.4%65,975
ivankuznecov87 [SPUNT]897048.8%0.0%36,627
b769os [SPUNT]89298447.1%47.5%43,638
Huk310181 [SPUNT]775047.2%0.0%19,995
paravoz19801980 [SPUNT]718047.6%0.0%18,455
Dmitrieff_ [SPUNT]77356047.1%42.4%38,571
Weighted average1,27236650.1%15.9%36,828
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