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Players for clan SNZ74 (Снежное Братство) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
_Ryoken_ [SNZ74]2,019055.0%0.0%25,034
Anohan [SNZ74]1,788053.3%0.0%22,987
azat174 [SNZ74]1,740052.3%0.0%13,116
_kolyan_11 [SNZ74]1,717051.6%0.0%39,150
STitus [SNZ74]1,6291,10652.4%49.5%38,720
Marka21 [SNZ74]2,073060.7%0.0%3,437
kv1989 [SNZ74]1,481052.2%0.0%24,399
LexaBV [SNZ74]1,511053.2%0.0%23,519
Oy34 [SNZ74]1,464052.9%0.0%16,979
xxxdesmonxxx [SNZ74]1,425052.0%0.0%13,647
vanya215 [SNZ74]1,460051.7%0.0%11,591
BacuJIu444 [SNZ74]1,452055.1%0.0%1,128
aspod [SNZ74]1,362052.2%0.0%14,004
Teen_mutant [SNZ74]1,328052.6%0.0%12,905
1_kazak_ [SNZ74]1,301050.4%0.0%21,992
Teen_mutant_2 [SNZ74]1,088059.3%0.0%81
Irraja [SNZ74]1,181055.0%0.0%80
dios81 [SNZ74]1,185051.5%0.0%7,254
meltitus [SNZ74]1,120048.6%0.0%7,736
Beezz [SNZ74]1,146049.2%0.0%11,570
Ecko174 [SNZ74]1,073047.2%0.0%8,613
Pasha_74_ [SNZ74]988049.5%0.0%11,355
andron_snz [SNZ74]964050.0%0.0%15,573
Aleksandr17485 [SNZ74]950049.4%0.0%20,526
a_k_s_ [SNZ74]930049.9%0.0%7,840
limux [SNZ74]884048.5%0.0%11,462
per_se [SNZ74]881048.2%0.0%49,998
MuxauJI_griga [SNZ74]32348646.1%48.5%5,519
45eff [SNZ74]24947445.4%50.6%2,871
Weighted average1,35610651.2%5.3%15,278
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