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Players for clan SELT (Steel eggs leather trunks) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
BAPBAP_1983 [SELT]1,676051.2%0.0%40,788
zhomart_15 [SELT]1,5911,82752.7%52.6%34,972
megaKEPtanTank [SELT]1,487050.2%0.0%20,533
Timohua [SELT]1,3551,97749.4%58.9%40,943
Zel9___macho [SELT]1,3031,47251.2%47.7%19,135
D_N [SELT]1,3371,43350.2%50.2%19,344
DARIDAN777 [SELT]1,356050.7%0.0%9,041
Fedor57rus [SELT]1,340051.6%0.0%34,873
defender935 [SELT]1,3991,73452.3%52.3%95,865
kirogas83 [SELT]1,3601,23851.2%49.4%24,897
Skyline998 [SELT]1,2761,99550.1%53.8%37,875
maks910 [SELT]1,2131,21748.3%48.9%36,308
vic1212 [SELT]1,1771,76249.5%53.2%52,396
Oretis [SELT]1,180048.9%0.0%42,524
NIKO758 [SELT]1,138048.8%0.0%27,694
Fizryk_27 [SELT]1,0721,62249.0%52.5%21,244
Jeckson113rus [SELT]1,089048.2%0.0%15,438
kuzy1983 [SELT]1,13182848.3%42.8%53,818
seryq76 [SELT]1,067049.6%0.0%60,776
JAN_T [SELT]1,07191649.4%45.4%37,870
Konstantsin1990 [SELT]1,0311,04850.7%50.7%51,955
alex_zeus1 [SELT]1,017048.4%0.0%9,767
Sablezub59 [SELT]98886148.8%46.2%33,209
Frendi_81 [SELT]971049.3%0.0%28,403
kotya71 [SELT]9491,17248.5%51.0%33,408
Liaz80 [SELT]927047.6%0.0%16,902
Bamba_ua [SELT]856047.8%0.0%25,201
demonito01 [SELT]704046.4%0.0%29,379
Pafekh [SELT]726044.1%0.0%9,430
e_BOSH2 [SELT]622048.1%0.0%3,710
Weighted average1,19187449.7%31.0%32,256
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