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Players for clan SCARE (Возвращение Кота Шредингера) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Greeth [SCARE]2,1921,37656.2%42.9%39,841
azart [SCARE]2,429057.1%0.0%44,072
viy_panzer [SCARE]2,270057.5%0.0%36,095
kotopesuk7171 [SCARE]2,215062.1%0.0%17,239
Meqpbl4 [SCARE]2,188056.1%0.0%78,494
schmosia [SCARE]2,046056.6%0.0%33,580
FidanWF [SCARE]2,073055.8%0.0%36,180
NVas [SCARE]2,037058.4%0.0%23,807
DEAD_BY_SUNRISE [SCARE]1,999055.8%0.0%39,605
Zaxod [SCARE]1,991054.4%0.0%42,899
haann [SCARE]2,0231,73854.1%54.2%48,224
SnIkErS_PoTrAsHiTeL [SCARE]1,875059.4%0.0%16,881
XpycTMe [SCARE]1,946054.9%0.0%17,994
TIXIj [SCARE]1,9901,81954.2%54.8%38,729
logosS [SCARE]1,876054.8%0.0%41,477
Lorrenso [SCARE]1,636055.7%0.0%18,457
Scritch [SCARE]1,680056.6%0.0%41,511
Serge_kun [SCARE]1,602056.1%0.0%10,941
shkolnik [SCARE]1,716054.1%0.0%27,912
assassin297 [SCARE]1,6451,29454.3%53.8%22,665
Janusis [SCARE]1,695055.1%0.0%33,845
Tuvalkan12 [SCARE]1,385051.9%0.0%54,080
CTAPyXA_nepgyxa [SCARE]1,385053.2%0.0%3,475
Loki_Zhanna [SCARE]1,03997650.6%54.0%27,470
XiterBober [SCARE]703048.0%0.0%9,960
Weighted average1,92431655.4%10.9%32,287
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