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Players for clan SB_F (SB - Falcon) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
xxMETISxx [SB_F]2,9353,71261.3%73.1%32,837
GoJIgoBbIu [SB_F]3,086060.0%0.0%22,441
KoTuk_v_Keqax [S-LEV]3,064062.4%0.0%35,045
ZIK_161rus [SB_F]3,0062,50661.4%62.1%42,604
FunnyAstra [SB_F]2,777060.9%0.0%6,099
BOL4OK [SB_F]2,771059.5%0.0%31,314
Publ1c [SB_F]2,606060.6%0.0%17,387
BRAT_II_36RUS [SB_F]2,536060.6%0.0%15,979
DarkNestaR [SB_F]2,527062.1%0.0%1,534
6JI0HDuH [SB_F]2,438058.3%0.0%35,568
ZergoMoto [SB_F]2,454057.0%0.0%47,814
NemecRAS [SB_F]2,193064.6%0.0%26,709
BRAT_I_36RUS [SB_F]2,315059.2%0.0%22,208
FancyAstra [SB_F]2,290062.2%0.0%21,156
novogrodovka [SB_F]2,2211,99357.0%53.7%61,629
Vait [SB_F]2,175057.8%0.0%46,094
sashaK1x [SB_F]2,111057.1%0.0%42,104
ivantankist007 [SB_F]2,1281,39956.9%50.4%28,239
Siroga53 [SB_F]1,991058.6%0.0%26,305
alshanich [SB_F]2,182057.7%0.0%42,779
manich039 [SB_F]2,0621,99356.1%57.8%86,992
badgelikon [SB_F]2,082054.1%0.0%35,959
B_Poryade [SB_F]2,013057.9%0.0%49,677
Radezki [SB_F]2,056058.5%0.0%29,556
Kyrban [SB_F]1,8601,83954.2%55.4%49,004
kazahhhhhh [SB_F]1,8053,00052.3%59.3%35,969
__ZeR0___ [SB_F]1,891057.4%0.0%37,699
avias [SB_F]1,827054.8%0.0%41,951
boss0071 [SB_F]1,7461,59754.5%57.0%50,835
Fancy_Astra [SB_F]1,6241,93156.8%59.4%33,496
__DaPsy__ [SB_F]1,105048.6%0.0%25,125
Weighted average2,19883957.5%22.7%34,906
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