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Players for clan RUSNN (Нижегородский полк Кутузова Д. В.) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
MaX__on__4iK [RUSNN]1,7791,70853.3%50.5%34,691
edik_310886_larion [RUSNN]1,2871,82149.9%51.3%26,422
SLAVA2839044 [RUSNN]1,3201,36149.7%46.7%56,728
shumovich [RUSNN]1,276049.4%0.0%26,488
BopoH61 [RUSNN]1,231051.2%0.0%18,796
Kess81 [RUSNN]1,2651,58950.3%55.5%27,027
__K__D__V__ [RUSNN]1,258050.5%0.0%34,494
SaNeK76767 [RUSNN]1,2401,19650.4%48.9%48,993
Matvei130606 [RUSNN]1,2401,15150.9%52.6%59,892
ZABRATAA [RUSNN]1,3071,65751.0%51.2%50,186
JustifyS3x [RUSNN]1,309049.0%0.0%78,086
andreychayrov [RUSNN]1,16988949.3%47.6%15,262
walcman [RUSNN]1,206051.0%0.0%22,422
asd3586 [RUSNN]1,151050.1%0.0%11,540
serj23mdk [RUSNN]1,176050.4%0.0%16,950
Fristyile [RUSNN]1,135049.2%0.0%16,925
Vitalik1283 [RUSNN]1,11899449.9%48.4%40,923
inails2 [RUSNN]1,159049.8%0.0%27,954
vfycehh [RUSNN]1,0991,19250.4%51.9%62,260
legon37 [RUSNN]1,129048.4%0.0%54,694
rx3dqx [RUSNN]1,03599848.8%51.9%24,023
andreyantonov1 [RUSNN]1,06483749.0%45.1%48,665
wakera [RUSNN]1,044049.0%0.0%28,112
inails [RUSNN]1,0791,08949.1%49.5%69,687
NFIK [RUSNN]98471548.7%47.0%29,444
vito_d [RUSNN]92483848.7%46.9%22,195
Dzeko_Onepopins [RUSNN]905048.0%0.0%33,819
caleb11 [RUSNN]838048.6%0.0%26,463
vitca09 [RUSNN]77597448.5%51.6%32,273
Weighted average1,16974549.7%30.9%36,048
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