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Players for clan RONT (Rohatyn Team) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
LEONKILEER [RONT]2,395054.3%0.0%45,796
vento4motion [RONT]1,8331,74253.5%55.0%34,551
vovab [RONT]1,919054.0%0.0%55,765
deleteok [RONT]1,697051.4%0.0%14,540
FiZ_kulturNik [RONT]1,746052.6%0.0%65,971
JekaN83 [RONT]1,7761,88554.7%54.7%85,344
robokop747 [RONT]1,706055.7%0.0%52,945
jekichan79 [RONT]1,8152,14952.8%51.0%66,512
NEOMORPH [RONT]1,567051.7%0.0%33,976
83android [RONT]1,545053.0%0.0%41,236
Adam_Gontier55 [RONT]1,507050.9%0.0%13,058
77_bilous [RONT]1,3962,17551.3%59.2%32,961
ufyecz [RONT]1,5201,72250.9%51.4%69,555
Stahlol [RONT]1,439051.6%0.0%19,497
voviktr [RONT]1,396052.0%0.0%64,390
Aragornton [RONT]1,344051.5%0.0%26,889
DIESEL8228 [RONT]1,307050.0%0.0%29,475
__Killdozer__ [RONT]1,3261,91050.7%59.4%72,659
Oggycat77 [RONT]1,342050.0%0.0%36,686
torchyk [RONT]1,257050.9%0.0%21,271
McCheka [RONT]1,192050.7%0.0%15,940
vanya507 [RONT]1,270049.5%0.0%40,226
azerus1 [RONT]1,250050.9%0.0%27,762
Arhangel5 [RONT]1,283049.0%0.0%21,868
Samgold [RONT]1,3081,24150.1%55.3%19,533
doctor7_07 [RONT]1,1761,10649.4%48.1%70,592
Wolf366 [RONT]1,1651,41749.0%51.2%23,348
LuckyBob [RONT]1,17955849.3%47.1%36,439
Viol2008 [RONT]1,062050.6%0.0%32,999
Tanner_of_Mercy [RONT]1,004048.2%0.0%13,584
asvidrak [RONT]81494647.3%52.0%44,619
trypu2 [RONT]759047.2%0.0%8,312
vadik7575 [RONT]70462047.7%44.3%50,176
Weighted average1,45471751.4%24.6%39,044
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