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Players for clan R-UN (Rebel Union) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
_My4_ [R-UN]2,588057.3%0.0%11,148
LyuTblu_VRag [R-UN]2,4932,34457.4%58.2%12,883
__Mad_Hell__ [R-UN]2,430055.5%0.0%58,636
CTAPLLlUHA_B_ATAKE [R-UN]2,1482,29354.9%55.2%12,661
AHTuKuLLER [R-UN]1,8002,39753.9%58.8%19,328
Archy922 [R-UN]1,796052.8%0.0%34,236
CTEJIAHbI4 [R-UN]1,7531,62153.6%55.4%26,510
Elektrik_123rus [R-UN]1,7342,13253.1%51.0%17,966
le_marck [R-UN]1,7252,35052.1%59.9%44,582
korr4 [R-UN]1,6741,98152.8%55.6%32,117
Boris_6puTBa [R-UN]1,748052.2%0.0%44,216
algrok [R-UN]1,7211,58952.5%52.7%26,653
DDDragon [R-UN]1,6512,18552.4%55.3%27,212
Zloy_mini0n [R-UN]1,650053.3%0.0%25,194
6ponevi4ok_12 [R-UN]1,6291,91551.0%53.5%29,136
smska21 [R-UN]1,5891,59251.9%51.1%32,157
Angel_Koctik89 [R-UN]1,5232,44051.2%53.9%23,119
pl20121978 [R-UN]1,546050.7%0.0%73,330
Rost_ik_xD [R-UN]1,4601,75550.7%50.2%46,700
Didier_Drogda_11 [R-UN]1,5111,88450.3%52.2%45,371
andr040 [R-UN]1,5001,40551.2%47.2%35,278
Villio [R-UN]1,4481,73250.2%53.6%51,379
XxX__55 [R-UN]1,3031,23250.5%53.5%20,712
Alex19X2 [R-UN]1,0801,62948.5%51.1%14,524
caspean [R-UN]1,1031,21548.2%45.6%29,349
Belosnezhka_Ksu [R-UN]9641,41351.8%56.2%4,507
Weighted average1,6721,27452.0%36.8%30,727
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