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Players for clan PO-R (Полевые ромашки) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
Paul_Gurza105_1974 [PO-R]3,7341,69766.8%50.9%45,890
mxp100 [PO-R]1,807055.8%0.0%22,863
Reif_72 [PO-R]1,7761,95553.2%49.1%44,164
ZloiKub [PO-R]1,836054.2%0.0%22,643
Dizkis [PO-R]1,6791,26051.9%48.1%32,050
GreezA [PO-R]1,5731,60154.3%51.5%43,026
_D_eMo_N_ [PO-R]1,5691,52952.6%47.9%33,660
Marader102 [PO-R]1,5581,64651.1%48.4%41,405
Evi1Genius [PO-R]1,559053.8%0.0%48,346
paradoks77777 [PO-R]1,469050.7%0.0%16,711
TEXHOPbIuAPb [PO-R]1,509053.4%0.0%6,299
AnTi_TioRotan [PO-R]1,459049.3%0.0%29,365
KARTMENEZZ [PO-R]1,312050.5%0.0%16,056
vsergey1987 [PO-R]1,1721,26650.4%46.5%24,111
old_Freak_ [PO-R]1,1711,11552.9%49.5%21,689
121_telepuzik [PO-R]1,167049.8%0.0%7,171
Dgegor [PO-R]1,1821,16750.2%55.7%43,243
Fransuz_Rus [PO-R]1,162048.7%0.0%53,593
illyminat2014 [PO-R]1,127048.6%0.0%13,828
Flexi_22 [PO-R]1,131050.1%0.0%11,464
6uCTp0 [PO-R]1,111049.9%0.0%19,153
Serrg [PO-R]1,0801,04348.8%54.0%16,599
LLIMEJIb89 [PO-R]1,026049.0%0.0%15,442
DeathRikch [PO-R]1,055048.6%0.0%45,248
lfyoucan [PO-R]1,02499449.0%45.7%29,452
___OreL__ [PO-R]983049.1%0.0%10,007
motilekk [PO-R]1,005047.6%0.0%10,499
Diman2411 [PO-R]952048.1%0.0%7,996
GoddesOfDestuction [PO-R]958050.5%0.0%11,593
zinger82 [PO-R]932048.1%0.0%10,419
dkoloda [PO-R]846046.7%0.0%22,822
Vyaty4 [PO-R]625046.7%0.0%10,393
zeev77 [PO-R]49162845.1%45.4%54,682
Weighted average1,40568851.4%25.2%25,511
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