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Players for clan O_R_R (Орден Раков Рандома) on server RU

WarGaming (external)
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#NameWN8 Rating (overall)WN8 Rating (~30 day)Win Rate (overall)Win Rate (~30 day)Battles
_SHAMAN_chelybinsk [O_R_R]2,163055.2%0.0%43,686
kostiasolov [O_R_R]1,913054.9%0.0%44,102
13BERKUT99 [O_R_R]1,875053.7%0.0%57,297
_______PSIX_______ [O_R_R]1,803054.0%0.0%36,345
Xx___Leo___xX [O_R_R]1,777053.9%0.0%50,423
rhfdtw1 [O_R_R]1,7081,70552.5%52.6%41,825
haritt [O_R_R]1,6791,23453.5%51.3%75,798
bidnichenckonickolay [O_R_R]1,610051.0%0.0%49,128
DeaconAG [O_R_R]1,609052.8%0.0%7,352
serg666_14 [O_R_R]1,573052.2%0.0%34,344
S_u_B_a_R_u_1_6 [O_R_R]1,5511,63750.7%46.9%18,272
NeO_pobeditel_1 [O_R_R]1,4861,79550.4%53.0%18,482
EasyPRO [O_R_R]1,551052.2%0.0%21,959
Rizanin21 [O_R_R]1,464051.2%0.0%46,572
Vladik83 [O_R_R]1,610053.3%0.0%22,113
Ruslan21093 [O_R_R]1,463052.8%0.0%75,940
VarizoN [O_R_R]1,437050.1%0.0%26,148
velij2003 [O_R_R]1,448051.2%0.0%59,481
kel78 [O_R_R]1,470051.0%0.0%67,297
darkalex90 [O_R_R]1,378051.4%0.0%16,286
bot06 [O_R_R]1,354050.6%0.0%17,576
bekaKZ [O_R_R]1,374050.9%0.0%25,001
CTPACTb_B_MAPTE [O_R_R]1,3831,68250.9%50.0%21,047
RomaGol [O_R_R]1,2771,38150.7%47.7%28,909
Weighted average1,61233552.4%11.4%37,724
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